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The hands of dozens of Navarrese farmers, whose families had a centuries-old grape-growing tradition, joined in the 1990s to create one of Navarre’s most important wineries, Bodegas Orvalaiz. Orvalaiz arose from a common project that is closely linked to the Navarra Wine Route and to the Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago de Compostela. It has received major awards and its wines have been chosen as some of the best in Navarra. This is certainly due to the bodega’s team of professionals, whose in-depth knowledge of the vineyard is complemented by leading technologies in the sector.


The first stage takes place in the field, where the vineyards are closely monitored.
When the grapes reach their optimum ripeness, they are brought to the facilities in Obanos, and subjected to strict tests that analyse pH, potential alcohol content, colour, health and acidity. The results, together with a thorough knowledge of each plot, allows the bodega to select the best-quality grapes of each variety.
Fermentation takes place with cutting-edge automatic overpumping systems in temperature-controlled, sloped-bottom stainless steel tanks, offering the best possible hygienic conditions.


The wine is then stored in 67 tanks with a total capacity of 4,250,000 litres for later bottling. Our fully-equipped bottling line can fill 6,000 bottles per hour.
The finished product warehouse has product loading and unloading areas, a winetasting area and a shop.


This is a spacious room kept at a constant temperature where Bodegas Orvalaiz has a total of 1,400 casks made of French oak (30%) and American oak (70%). The 225-litre casks produce aged wines of superb quality